Week in the Life: PRG-4

Can you briefly describe “a week in the life” on your current rotation?

"As a fourth year, I was able to get a mix of the electives that interest me most. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I rotate in the treatment resistant depression clinic participating in neuromodulation treatments including outpatient electroconvulsive therapy in the early mornings and doing mapping and treatment sessions for transcranial magnetic simulation for the rest of the day. Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons I have my continuity clinic I have been building since I was a second year resident. Tuesday afternoons are lectures tailored towards what is most relevant such as the series on professional development as we prepare for graduation and independent practice. On Thursday and Friday mornings, I serve as a junior attending to the third year residents in the outpatient clinic where they staff their patients with me and I later have supervision with the attending to discuss the cases. Friday afternoons are dedicated to board review."