Week in the Life: PRG-4

Can you briefly describe “a week in the life” on your current rotation?

"As a fourth year we have six months of elective time and six months of shared outpatient at UF Jax and the VA. I am currently in the latter, and so my week includes M, W and Th mornings at the VA in the substance abuse (SATT) clinic (my choice, having previously rotated through the general mental health and PTSD clinics), and T/Fri/Th afternoons at UF in clinic, lectures, conferences, meetings and supervision. Throughout residency, each week we always have two hours of didactic lecture time as well as two x one hour of protected 1:1 time with two different supervising psychiatrists/psychologists. Additionally, each week we usually have at least one additional meeting or case conference, grand rounds, etc. This year I am usually working ~7-8am to 4-5pm (with zero weekends or call, hooray!)."

"I am currently working at the VA's general mental health clinic on Mondays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I hold my adult outpatient clinic at UF Towers, as well as have supervision and lectures during this time. Friday afternoons are used for admin time and study for upcoming PRITE."

"(I have) Outpatient continuity clinic at UF Jax Psych Clinic Monday through Friday about 8-5. I have a half-day of clinic on Tuesdays with the afternoons being for lectures, conferences, and meetings. I’m generally seeing 3-4 new patients per day with the rest being follow-up patients. I have a handful of patients I am doing psychodynamic, CBT, and MET therapies with in addition to medication management. I have scheduled, dedicated supervision during the week with my mentor. My clinic is so diverse in pathology, ages, backgrounds that every day is different. Every few months I cover the clinic emergency calls for a week from home via phone."

"A couple days per week I'm focusing on research on access of psychiatric services by adult college students in FL; otherwise, I'm running outpatient clinic and attending lectures, conferences."