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Why UF Health Jacksonville?

"Quality of life and living nearing the water were huge draws to my wife and me; I've never lived out of SC, wanted to try someplace new; had a great vibe from the residents/faculty"

"When I was looking for the right residency program for myself, UF Jacksonville stood out because of our small class size, making residency feel like a second family. This is a big strength of ours as we get to work one-on-one with the attending physicians on most rotations. All of our faculty are extremely supportive of us, and as you progress in your training you gain a lot of independence. I'm grateful everyday knowing that I get to work with such a great group of people!"

"When I came for my interview day, I noticed that the program had a genuine family feel. The residents seemed happy to be here and felt that they were being supported in their endeavors by the faulty. Additionally, I was attracted to the mission of the program, which focuses on providing compassionate care and treating a wide variety of patient populations, including the underserved."

"On interview day, the residents and faculty members were so welcoming. It was easy to talk to the residents, and I felt like I fit in. Also, I loved Jacksonville's relaxed vibe."

"For the 1:1 learning experience in a smaller program, ample access/exposure to child psychiatry faculty and learning opportunities, the child psych fellowship, unique research experiences, learning in a setting that focuses on resident wellbeing and education instead of being a workhorse like in resident dependent programs. I also absolutely loved my interview day, I felt very warm and welcome and got along with the residents and faculty I met and really felt I could fit in here, and it definitely lived up to all my expectations and more!"

"During medical school I had the opportunity to complete most of my clinical rotations at the UF Health campus in Jacksonville, FL. I loved all of my clinical experiences and loved being home and close to my family and loved ones. But most importantly I realized how special the psychiatry department was. The attendings and residents I worked with fostered such a supportive and active learning environment. In addition, I was encouraged and pushed to grow and the same time and I realized that I could really thrive as a resident in this type of environment."

What are some of the strengths of your residency program?

"We are a smaller group with a closeness that can only come from a small residency. Our community is diverse and vibrant, and that is reflected in our patient population."

"Flexibility of the program; willing to work with residents to make positive changes/creative rotations; allows residents to pursue their own interests."

"Our faculty are all great. They are very invested in us as individuals, and I love that I could draw a random faculty name out of a hat and know that was somebody I would entrust with a family member’s care, and could call on him or her if I needed anything, professional or personal. Our program offers a ton of flexibility: if you have an idea, you want to do anything differently, want to design a project, want to take part in or start research, etc… they will make it happen."

"I think the size of the program is a strength. I feel very close to my co-residents. It truly feels like a family. I think another major strength of our program is our top notch faculty."

"1) Faculty, senior and fellow residents are very accessible and supportive ,want you to succeed and work with you to meet you where you are and help achieve the goals you set for yourself, 2) Faculty and chiefs are very open and quick to respond to feedback on how to improve the program, 3) being able to craft your residency experience with multiple choices from intern year off-service experiences (I.e. Peds, ED) to various psychiatry elective choices (from psychopharmocology to sleep medicine)."

"Tons of pathology! You seriously see it all in first year alone. Also good balance of autonomy as well as adequate supervision. Unique exposures to child and community psychiatry."

"We have a tight knit program which allows you to have a lot of 1 on 1 time with the attendings and more personalized training. Our residents get along well within our program and there is ample opportunity to make connections with residents in other specialties. Our program director and attendings are dedicated to training competent and caring psychiatrists."

"1) Variety of patient population and pathologies; 2) Autonomy given for formulation of plan; 3) Great support staff/team on the inpatient unit, 4) The residents! Incredible amount from every class and strong camaraderie; 5) The faculty! Everyone wants you succeed and thrive; 6) Great teaching opportunities for medical students/PA students who rotate through."

"The ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, our addiction psychiatry training is extensive with excellent supervision."

Is there anything you wish were different about your residency?

"Greater exposure to the state hospital and jails may have been valuable. Although, I do have the opportunity to seek those experiences during 4th year electives."

"I wish I had the opportunity to work with my co-residents a little more, but the great thing is that we’re already really close and hang out pretty regularly outside of work."

"I wish there was a current ECT program, but it is in the works!"

"Nothing particularly about OUR residency program - I just think residency is hard period and luckily, we have a culture here where we are welcome to advocate for ourselves in an effort to promote changes in this training process."

"I would prefer having a night float rotation to having call."

"I do wish we had 1-2 more residents in our program (as I feel our city could always use more psychiatric care), as well as better-rounded neuromodulation opportunities for learning (both of which have been discussed and are likely to be upcoming in our future."

"There are always areas to grow, and one of these has been in establishing ECT and TMS at our home institution. Historically we would gain some exposure to this at an outside hospital, but currently we have a new faculty member who is planning to start ECT at our institution this year, and TMS may be coming in the near future. We have a unique forensic experience with a lot of exposure to different diversionary courts, and this is great for understanding the way that our patients and their families must navigate the system. We also see many local jail patients on our consult service; however, we have no affiliation with a state hospital or service which goes into jails or prisons, and so our training in this area is limited."