Favorite Places in Jacksonville

Favorite places to go in Jax/area of Jax you live in and pros/cons of living in that area:

"I live in the Riverside/Murray Hill area, and you can ask anyone just how much I love it! It's a neat side of town with a lot of historic buildings and small town charm. I'm a hipster wannabe, and this is hipster heaven! There are vintage shops, record stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and dive bars galore, which is everything I live for. My favorite theater, the Sun Ray Cinema, has even converted their showings to virtual or to a local drive-in due to the current pandemic.This area of town is located conveniently close by UF downtown and Baptist locations; it is also about a 15-20 minute drive from the VA Southpoint and VA MHICM locations. The only cons are that it is located about 15-20 mins from major shopping centers and about 30 mins from the beach."

"I live out by Neptune Beach, and some of my favorite places to eat are The Flying Iguana and Mezza Luna. If you don't mind a little bit of a drive (~30 min), the beach is the place to be."

"I live in Riverside- I love to hang around here and around the beach. Pros of living in Riverside- near a lot of restaurants and bars, very close to UF/Baptist hospital (5-10 minute drive), reasonable cost of living. Many residents from all specialities live here. Cons: more expensive compared to other areas of town"

"I live in San Marco - love it! We bought a house as we envision staying close by for a bit. Everything in Jax is max 20 minutes away so always convenient. I love living in Jacksonville, what more is there to say?"

"Due to the relatively low cost of living, we were able to buy a house during 2nd year of residency. We love the area we live in (South San Marco/San Jose Forest) because we centrally located to everything, meaning everything is about 15-20 minutes away. My neighborhood is quiet and has amazing ethnic restaurants nearby. I enjoy the easy access to a variety of beaches with their own district characters. It's also nice to travel inland a bit to visit the natural springs and diving holes. In pre-COVID times I'd take weekend trips to Savannah and St. Augustine for excellent food and a quick getaway. Disney is also a short drive away and I try to go there as much as possible in the winter."

"Some of my favorite places in Jax: Whitt’s ice cream, Magic Sweethouse, Mandaloun Mediterranean Cuisine, Habibi Bar and cafe, Maa’s Kitchen, Superfood, and Brew (these are just a few, my list is extensive), and of course swimming at Jax beach. I live in the St. John’s area. It’s near a lot of shopping complexes (Costco, Walmart, Aldi’s, the St. John’s Town Center- an outdoor shopping complex with everything you can want from clothing outlets to amazing restaurants I.e. BJs, Cheesecake factory, Bento Japanese restaurant etc.) The only con is that it’s 20 minutes from the main UF hospital."

"I live in San Marco. It is a very nice area to live because there are so many nice shops and restaurants around. It’s also not far from the hospital - around 10-15 minutes tops."

"I live im Neptune beach; love to skimboard and its pet friendly!"

"We live in Gilmore; its quiet, safe, and less than 20 minutes from work, we have been happy to be able to afford a house in Florida, which is definitely a plus."

"I live near Jacksonville Beach. I love the beach, the beach amphitheatre (where there are always concerns and nearby art walks), art museums, and some of my favorite spots are the Chamborlin Book Mine, and the Arboreum."

"I currently live in Riverside. I spend my mornings before work running alongside the river and watching the sun rise. After work I sit out by the pool or take my dog to the park. I can walk to several fun spots for dinner as well. I have found the area to be very safe, affordable, full of young professionals, and very close to work (8-10 minute commute). Pros of Jacksonville: cost of living, great airport for travel, close to some great places for day trips (ie Savannah, GA, St. Augustine, FL. Fernandina, FL), proximity to beach, great outdoor spaces, river activities (ie paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, fishing, etc), and great food scene. Cons: summers can be hot and humid, you absolutely need a car."

"I live near Town Center. Pros: access to a ton of restaurants and stores; approximately 20 minutes to get anywhere in Jax (work, the beach, Riverside); very safe and family friendly. Con: it is a more residential/business area, so there is limited nightlife. Favorite places: Mini Bar - custom miniature donuts and speciality coffee (my fave is the cereal milk latte); Wicked Barley - brewery on the river that has a boat/kayak access point. Great outdoor space, which is perfect for kids. They frequently hold family-friendly events; Jacksonville Zoo - yearly membership is relatively cheap, and they host multiple fun family-friendly events throughout the year; River City Arts Market - weekly market that features local artists, farmers, and businesses."

"Lemon bar, Hamburger Mary's, Smash ping pong bar, Hawkers for pad thai, Cooper's Hawk for wine tastings, highways that make getting everywhere easy and fast no matter the distance."