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Benefits, Requirements and Resources for Accredited Programs

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University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville residencies and fellowships are designed to offer the finest training possible in order for you to achieve excellence in the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients. To achieve this goal, residents and fellows agree to abide by certain policies and guidelines. In return, a number of benefits and resources are provided for you to succeed.

The following provides a brief description of individual benefits and requirements. In addition, residents and fellows are provided a range of resources to conduct research, enhance their learning experience and further their careers.

We have made available a copy of the current resident contract .pdf (Adobe PDF Document), which includes the terms and conditions of appointment. Also provided are the resident eligibility and selection criteria .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) in accordance with NRMP.

For a comprehensive summary of fringe benefits provided by the University of Florida, visit the Administrative Affairs - Fringe Benefits page.

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The Leon L. Haley Jr. Leadership Award for Inclusive Excellence is presented annually to one faculty and one resident who have distinguished themselves as servant leaders committed to reducing healthcare disparities through clinical, educational, and/or scholarly work. Candidates must go above and beyond expectations by demonstrated involvement in community engagement and/or advocacy work. The recipients are committed to improving the health of the community while embracing the principles of servant leadership, and demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Dedication to working with underserved communities
  • Promotion of health equity
  • Devotion to serving others
  • Promotion of teamwork
  • Integration of all perspectives and viewpoints into discussions and decisions with special attention to those with less advantage
  • Demonstration of courageous leadership, including the willingness to take action amid uncertainty, to risk failing, and to have difficult conversations
  • Mentorship of others
  • Ability to inspire others

The Louis S. Russo Award for Outstanding Professionalism in Medicine is presented annually to the resident with the highest standards of medical professionalism, substantiated by a commitment to personal behavior that reflects the core values of the consummate physician. The award consists of a plaque and a check for $1000.00. The resident will also have his or her name placed on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

The Rosilie O. Saffos Outstanding Resident Teacher Award is presented annually to the resident considered to be the most outstanding resident teacher on our campus. The Award consists of a plaque and $1000.00. The resident will also have his or her name placed on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

The Edward Jelks Outstanding Resident Clinician Award is given annually to the resident who through dedication, diligence and compassion, or through innovation in patient care, is considered to have contributed the most to the improvement of patient care at UF Health Jacksonville. The award consists of $500.00. The resident will also have his or her name placed on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

The College of Medicine Excellence in Student Education Award is presented annually to a resident determined by medical students to be the most outstanding educator. The award consists of a plaque and $500.00. The resident will also have his or her name placed on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

The Ann Harwood-Nuss Resident Advocate Award is presented annually to the resident who has contributed the most to improving the educational and working environment of his/her fellow residents. The award consists of a plaque and $500.00. The resident will have his or her name placed on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

The Robert L. Wears Outstanding Resident in Quality and Patient Safety Award is presented annually to the resident who has made the most outstanding contribution to improve quality and patient safety through effort, innovation, and collaboration with both fellow residents and other members of the healthcare team at UF Health Jacksonville. The award consists of a plaque and a check for $500.00. The resident will also have his/her name engraved on the plaque located in the Learning Resource Center.

Background Checks and Drug Screens

Many hospitals and other facilities to which residents rotate now require criminal background checks and drug screens .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) of all individuals working, training, or volunteering in their institutions. These include several of the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville’s educational partners. In addition, application to the Florida Board of Medicine as a resident/fellow/house physician, as well as for unrestricted licensure, requires self-disclosure of criminal convictions and of prior substance abuse and/or treatment.

As a condition of appointment with the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville as a resident physician, all residents must undergo screening to include:

  • A State and Federal criminal background check
  • A check of the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) list of excluded individuals and US General Services Administration (GSA) excluded parties list
  • A 12-component medical professional urine drug screen

Bioterrorism Response

UF Health Jacksonville serves as a regional bioterrorism response facility, one of only seven in Florida. In this capacity, we are expected to receive up to 500 casualties resulting from weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or a natural disaster with very little notice. As a member of the house staff, you will be expected to participate should this occur.

Call Quarters for Residents

The call quarters are conveniently located on the lower floor of the Clinical Center at UF Health Jacksonville. All rooms have two bunk beds (with a phone beside each bed), desk, bookshelves and a bathroom with Corian countertops.

All rooms have a network drop for a laptop and a 15 inch LCD TV. In addition to wireless access, most call rooms also have their own PC and printer. The call quarters are equipped with showers and all call rooms are cleaned daily by environmental services. There is a lounge area with two 42-inch plasma screen TVs, a full kitchen with bistro tables, exercise area with extra showers and learning/computing space. Work stations are fully equipped with computers, printers, internet and hospital application system access, fax/scanner/copy machine and shredder. Entrance into the call quarters is restricted to residents and fellows, eligible medical students and authorized personnel.


When residents leave employment with the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville, you are entitled to purchase continuous health coverage under COBRA.

Disability Insurance

Group Disability Coverage While In Training

All trainees are covered under the University of Florida's group disability income plan at no cost. Highlights include:

  • Residents and fellows pay no premiums for this coverage while in training.
  • Plan is offered by the standard insurance company, AM Best A rated company.
  • Monthly short-term disability benefits payable beginning the 15th day of disability. Residents needing to apply for short-term disability benefits are to contact the Office of Educational Affairs by e-mailing Leslie Caulder at
  • Employee Benefits Guide Booklet - House Staff
  • FAQ - STD - Maternity Guidelines
  • Benefits generally are payable to age 65 as long as you remain disabled.

Individual Disability Coverage - Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) with Guardian/Berkshire

An individual disability plan is also available for purchase by any UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville trainee during or upon completion of training. Highlights include:

  • Guaranteed issue - Up to $15,000 per month without evidence of medical insurability ($7,500 while in training and $15,000 with proof of new contract income)
  • Guardian/Berkshire's true own occupation to age 67, including medical specialty language
  • Up to 30% in permanent discounts
  • Graded or Level premiums guaranteed for the life of the policy
  • 3% compounded cost of living adjustment
  • Enhanced partial disability
  • Future increase option
  • Catastrophic and student loan riders
  • Coverage may be available even if you have been declined in the past

This is the ONLY Guaranteed Issue Plan for UF Health.

The GSI is only available IF you have not been declined or had a modified offer from another carrier. Don't risk it. It is recommmended that you apply for the GSI first!

The guaranteed disability program .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) can be combined with a fully underwritten policy to obtain up to $30,000 per month of protection. The individual disability plan is offered by Guardian/Bershire through the Florida Medical Advisors.

  • To run your own quote and apply online, please visit
  • To discuss all of your disability options with Florida Medical Advisors please call (813) 995-7527

Drug-Free Workplace

As University of Florida residents, the standard of conduct promulgated by the University is applicable. UF drug-free workplace policy.

FICA Alternative Plan

Residents and fellows contribute to the FICA Alternative Plan instead of the Social Security Administration. Medicare contributions will continue to be withheld and matched by the employer.

Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)

GMEC is chaired by the ACGME's Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and is comprised of all core program directors, associate program directors, President of UF Health Jacksonville, Chief Medical Officer for Wolfson Children's Hospital and the peer-selected resident officers of the Resident GMEC. The GMEC's mission is to ensure compliance with the accreditation essentials of residencies and foster high quality resident education and resident well being.

Harassment Policy

The University of Florida College of Medicine is committed to the maintenance of a supportive and productive environment for its students, staff, residents and faculty. In order to ensure that such an environment exists, inappropriate behavior in all forms is not permissible. Students, staff, residents and faculty of the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville are expected to abide by the guidelines on sex discrimination, sexual harassment and harassment of the University of Florida.

Health Insurance

Residents have preferred appointment access when using the GatorAdvantage Appointment Line at (904) 383-1487. Residents are encouraged to establish themselves and their dependents with a primary care physician as soon as possible after training begins. As a premium GatorCare plan member, trainees have access to the Florida Blue provider directory physicians as well.

The group health plan, fully paid by the employer, provides coverage for:

  • The employee
  • The spouse of an eligible employee (unless legally separated or divorced)
  • Qualified domestic partner
  • Unmarried children under age 19
  • Unmarried children between ages 19 and 25 who are dependent upon the insured for support and are either full-time or part-time students or reside in the insured's household


Residents shall be entitled to observe all official holidays designated by the department of administration for State employees except when they are on call for clinical responsibilities. Holidays for UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville include:

  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
  • Memorial Day

Lab Coats

Two new lab coats are provided at the start of the program and each year thereafter, as appropriate/needed.


For complete leave information see the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville Resident Leave Policy .pdf (Adobe PDF Document).

Library, Medical

Educational resources are many and varied on our campus. Most medical departments maintain their own libraries. The designated central medical library is the Borland Health Sciences Library (BHSL), a division of the UF Health Science Center Library (HSCL). Borland Library's homepage, has links to many electronic resources, including electronic journals, Pub Med, Up To Date and other publication databases, as well as information about the Library's services and collections.

Licensure, Medical

The UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville Office of Educational Affairs is responsible for registering all unlicensed residents and fellows with the Board of Medicine (BOM). This process occurs prior to entry into the GME program. You are not required to obtain a medical license to participate in the GME programs at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville. Should a resident or fellow elect to obtain an unrestricted medical license in Florida, it is solely his or her responsibility to maintain active status with the BOM; this includes timely renewal and payment of all associated fees.

Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Residents and Fellows are provided life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Level term group life insurance underwritten by The Standard Insurance Company provides $50,000 of life insurance for all eligible employees with an additional $10,000 in the event of accidental death and dismemberment. You will find the life insurance policy on the Administrative Affairs/Fringe Benefits website at .pdf (Adobe PDF Document).

Meal Cards

UF Health Jacksonville provides funding for meals while on call. Your Meal Power Card is credited with an amount each July.

Medical & Health Requirements for Residents

For full details of required immunization documentation and ongoing medical requirements go to the immunization topic .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) in the resident manual.


All residents and fellows must adhere to the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville Resident Moonlighting Policy .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) which recognizes two categories of moonlighting: (1) internal activity and (2) external activity. Both have specific requirements that must be met. Individual residency programs have total authority to choose whether moonlighting activities are allowed for residents within their program. Please refer to your individual Program policies for more specific information.

Office of Educational Affairs

The Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs serves as the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) responsible for the oversight of graduate medical education at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville. Working closely with the Office of Educational Affairs and the Graduate Medical Education Committee, the DIO ensures compliance with the ACGME accreditation essentials of residencies and high quality resident education and well-being.


UF Health Jacksonville provides covered parking .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) on campus free of charge.

Professional Liability Coverage

As a participant in a graduate medical education program of the University, a resident is an employee of the University of Florida. The resident is personally immune from civil liabilities that may arise from any negligent acts or omissions committed by the resident in the course of employment, with coverage commensurate with individual's specialty. According to Florida Statutes Section 768.28, the Florida Board of Trustees (FBOT), the state agency that operates the University of Florida, is responsible for any civil claims or actions arising from the negligent acts of its employees and agents. The FBOT is protected for such liabilities through the University of Florida/JHMHC/Jacksonville self-insurance program (UF/JSIP), a self-insurance program established by Florida Statutes Section 1004.24. The UF/JSIP also provides risk management services to UF Health Jacksonville. A resident must identify himself or herself at all times as a University of Florida employee, as evidenced by the wearing of the ID badge while participating in the graduate medical education program. The self insurance program affords you personal professional liability protection while you act as a good Samaritan, while you are involved in community service work which has been pre-approved by your college, or if you are on a UF educational assignment outside of Florida.


The UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville is committed to fostering research by the faculty and residents. This institution has been engaged in clinically applied research for many years and is enriched by the presence of faculty who have demonstrated excellence in performing research and in training new investigators. The Office of Research Affairs is dedicated to this mission.

Dean's Fund Research Grant

The Dean's Fund Research Grant provides support to residents for research projects on which they are the principal investigator. All residents awarded grant funds will be expected to prepare a manuscript of their work for submission to a peer-reviewed journal prior to the end of their residency. They will also be expected to submit their manuscript or poster for the annual Research Day competition.

Poster Printer

There is a large format printer available to all trainees. The printer can accommodate all scientific posters up to 4'x6' and is available at no charge to the trainee or their department. It is the authors responsibility to ensure the poster is error free and does not contain personal health information. See department program coordinator for a UF template and contact information to the print shop.

Research Curriculum

A core lecture curriculum is accessible via New Innovations that meets ACGME institutional and program requirements is available to residents:

  • Scientific research - getting started
  • Protocol development and research design
  • Scientific writing & presentation skills
  • Evaluating basic literature
  • Basic biostatistics
  • Information literacy

Research Travel Grant

The Dean's Office has established a Research Travel Fund to provide additional funding for residents and fellows to present at national and international conferences. All awardees are expected to submit their research project for presentation at the annual Research Day.

Resident Assistance Program (Counseling)

UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville and UF Health Jacksonville provide the funding for free counseling for emotional problems, stress, alcohol or drug problems, family/relationship worries and financial difficulties. It is confidential and free of charge. You are also invited to visit GuidanceResources® Online.

Resident Graduate Medical Education Committee (Resident GMEC)

The resident subcommittee of the GMEC was created to provide a forum for residents to meet and discuss work environment and educational issues. The Resident GMEC consists of representative chief residents from all core programs as well as peer-selected senior resident representatives.


On a regular basis throughout the academic year, the resident GMEC conducts resident socials designed to improve interdepartmental interactions and relationships.


Each resident is given a stipend .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) to pursue their graduate medical education in an amount appropriate to the level of function in the program.

Tax-Sheltered Annuities 403(b)

The 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity provides a way, through payroll reduction, to save money for long-term financial goals/retirement, while reducing the current tax liability.