Life Outside of Work

What's life like outside of work?

"I like to work out and play sports with fellow residents including soccer, tennis, basketball, and flag football. I like to go out for food and drinks. Jacksonville has a good variety of restaurants and bars. I like to visit the beach and if I have a longer weekend or vacation I tend to travel and visit friends around the country. My hobbies at home include playing video games, watching tv/sports/movies, and cooking. My other interests include music, fishing, and water sports."

"Beach, beach, beach! My fiancé and I love to fish and go on long walks with our two dogs."

"(I enjoy) Fishing, surfing, guitar, and taking my hounds to the dog park several times per week. Jacksonville has a lot of natural spaces, waterways, beaches to do just about any type of outdoor activity I can imagine this has changed a lot with COVID19… I spend a lot of time exploring parks, the beach, books and movies, drawing and painting, running, biking, and taking day trips to nearby St. Augustine or weekend trips to Savannah. Over the last four years these good times, along with other activities like discovering a myriad of restaurants and going to art walks and concerts has mostly been together with my friends/coresidents in psych, IM, neuro or ED."

"During my free time I love to spend time with my family who also live in Jacksonville, FL. I also love all outdoor activities including running, biking, and taking my dogs to the beach."

"I've lived all over this state, and so far I've loved my time in Jacksonville. I like to spend my free time at the beach or hanging out around the Downtown/Riverside area with my co-residents from both within the psychiatry program and other residency programs at UF Jacksonville."

"(I'm a) Netflix and chill kinda gal - I love to veg out at home and be with my pups and kitties. If I choose to venture out - beach, breweries, local farms, symphony, and the zoo are my scene."

"Before COVID, I liked to explore thrift shops, local coffee shops, and movie theaters with friends. My schedule is somewhat changed now, but I tend to spend my time taking my dog Rudy to the dog park or on socially distanced walks, going to the beach,and watching a lot of interesting Netflix documentaries with my boyfriend 😊"

"(I like to) Walk /spend time outside with the wife, cooking, trying new recipes, pursuing hobbies"

"I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies and my favorite Netflix shows, play video games, work out, try new foods and explore the city. There’s always more to discover in Jacksonville."

"Hang out with friends, head to the beach and enjoy the waves, garden, Netflix/game nights"

"In my free time I go to the beach, exercise, watch Netflix, cook, and explore different restaurants in the area."

"(I like to) Go to the beach, visit family and friends in Orlando and Miami, explore Jacksonville’s amazing restaurants, and have game nights with my co-residents at each others houses!"

"(I like to) Go to the beach! <3, play video games, play board games, visit family and friends, binge watch TV, or go to concerts/shows."

"(I enjoy) Fishing, skeet-shooting, backpacking, learning Japanese, and getting too much sun on the beach."