Week in the Life: PRG-1

Can you briefly describe “a week in the life” on your current rotation?

"I’m currently on my outpatient neurology rotation. I typically get there around 8am and touch base with the attending I’m assigned to for the day. I get the opportunity to have both autonomy (see patients, write notes, and put in orders) and close supervision; if I ever have a question about a treatment plan, not only do I get answers, but I get resources as well. This really allows you to grow as a clinician over your time there. I wrap up my day soon after the last patient is scheduled, this can be as early as 3pm but not later than 5pm. All in all, it’s been a relaxed learning environment, where I’ve been able to learn a lot."

"I arrrive on the inpatient unit in the morning, chart review on old/new patients. I see my new patients/practice interviewing skills with attending physician and round on old patients. Tuesdays/Thursdays have “treatment team” where all of the support staff (nursing/case management/social work/therapy/etc) come together to discuss certain patients. I finish rounds, put orders in and write notes. I am sometimes on phone call until the next morning for new admissions."

"I am on inpatient psychiatry right now. The mornings are busy seeing new admissions and following up on my previous patients. Rounds are very informative and the attendings I work with are always willing to teach me. I am also given a lot of independence in formulating treatment plans for my patients. I also work closely with pharmacists, nursing staff, and case managers to deliver the best care for my patients. The afternoons are mixed with group and individual supervision along with protected time for weekly didactics. I also have time for self-care and wellness which I find vital to my well-being!"

"Currently, I am on Neuro Consults. The residents in the neurology department are very helpful. Our days consist of seeing patients, writing notes, presenting, and rounding. We’ve seen so many interesting cases, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far."