Week in the Life: PRG-3

Can you briefly describe “a week in the life” on your current rotation?

"Third year is a mix of different outpatient settings: the VA, child and adolescent, and adult clinic. A typical work day starts around 8 am, and ends around 4 pm. We all had to adapt to residency during the time of coronavirus, but our program has supported us in working from home (for virtual visits) as possible and keeping us as safe as possible!"

"I am on outpatient, rotating around our various settings: UF, VA, and Child clinics. I start the day between 8 and 8:30am and am seeing patients all day. Always guaranteed an hour lunch (which is free with our meal cards 😉). Last patient is typically at 3:30 or 4pm. Then I wrap up my notes and get home for dinner!"

"Currently I am in my 3rd year which consists of all outpatient clinics. My typical week is as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday AM, Wednesday AM, and Friday - general adult psychiatry continuity clinic
  • Tuesday PM - didactics, meetings, journal clubs, and case presentations
  • Wednesday - outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry clinic
  • Thursday - VA for MHICM (community psychiatry for veterans)
  • Weekends and holidays during 3rd year are usually free"