Project to Learn About Youth - Jacksonville (PLAY-JAX)

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to obtain detailed information on the thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors that children and teenagers in Jacksonville experience.

Study Plan

This study is a three-stage epidemiological study. Stage 1 of the project is complete and involved screening 5,749 students aged 5-17 years from 9 schools within Duval County to represent low, middle and high socioeconomic areas that when aggregated provide a diverse sample reflective of the district student population. The sample was screened for presence of emotional and behavioral problems.

Based on the results of the screening in stage 1, a random sample of students both with and without problems was drawn for inclusion in stage 2. Stage 2 consists of an in-person assessment/interview. The interview comprises a structured assessment of psychiatric symptoms and a series of psychosocial questionnaires. Participants in stage 2 who meet stage 3 screening criteria will be asked to participate in an additional diagnostic interview conducted by child and adolescent psychiatrists.

If you received a letter in the mail, email, or text message about the study, please view the participant page for further information about the study.


  • Steven P. Cuffe, M.D., FACPsych

    Steven P. Cuffe, M.D., FACPsych


    Chair, Department of Psychiatry; Program Director, Psychiatry Residency

    Specializes in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Psychiatry